Our Services

For Sellers:

We offer a number of services for those looking to sell their aircraft. We offer brokerage through the traditional method, where the seller keeps the aircraft at their own hangar while we market the aircraft extensively both online and to our clients directly, managing the sale on behalf of the seller.

With the opening of our facility in Arkansas, we are able to offer to manage an aircraft's sale completely. In doing so, we bring the aircraft into our showroom, free of charge until the aircraft sells. This allows us to demonstrate the aircraft on our, typically much more flexible, schedule and can result in an easier and higher-value sale. It also means the seller no longer needs to pay to store the aircraft. 

For Buyers:

If you are looking for a specific type of aircraft, we are able to assist in finding the ultimate aircraft for your needs. When you purchase an aircraft through ALH Aircraft Sales you will get more than just an aircraft. We will assist in setting up a maintenance programme, either through our facility or a local shop, advise on preventative maintenance on your specific type and be on-hand to assist with future upgrades and improvements for the aircraft. 

Customers will always be welcome to call us, or visit our facility, whether it is just for a casual aviation discussion or for further assistance with their aircraft. We directly support our community and work to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their experience in light aircraft ownership.